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Social Media for a New Age


Social Media for a New Age labels success as creating a platform you enjoy, a community that you cultivate and a social media practice that supports and rewards you in multi-dimensional ways…

  • Shift overwhelm to get you out of the Social Media Vortex of Doom.

  • Understand the Algorithms and how your content gets seen online.

  • Move through any Visibility Vulnerability that stops you from sharing or being seen.

  • Discover playful, fun ways to tap into your Creativity for Content Creation.

  • Create a Strategy of Love and a Framework to Flow Within for your platforms.

  • Grow a Connected Community for Marketing in the new paradigm.


Social Media For A New Age won Best Self Development Book at the Platinum Awards and was shortlisted as a Finalist in the UK Business Book Awards and The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards.




Articles full of insights and inspiration, with poems, extracts from my research and new learnings - with each new & full moon...

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