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A Digital Self Care Guide


A digital self-care guide. Social Media For a New Age: The Next Phase- 2020 and beyond. 


In my twenty years of working with social media, I have come to see the many ways it can be both good and bad for us. For society, for democracy and culture, for our relationships and businesses. For our health, mind, body and spirit.


This book is an account of what I see and feel happening in digital culture. I share about the importance of ethical social media in digital society, alongside ideas on how to manage our digital wellbeing, avoiding burnout whilst working in today’s world.

As we look at the impact social media is having on our digital wellbeing, I will share my personal journey with you, as I realised that I was burnt out, disillusioned and addicted.


I am bringing digital self-care to the forefront and centre of my work, both for myself and for all of us, as we mature into the next phase of Social Media For A New Age.




Articles full of insights and inspiration, with poems, extracts from my research and new learnings - with each new & full moon...

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