In my workshops I cover my Social Media For A New Age Strategy, which is a human-centric & holistic approach...

Some of the topics I cover are:

  • The current social media landscape - and where it’s heading

  • Platforms & networks - the best places for your presence, time & energy

  • Content - creativity, creation & planning + frequency & publishing

  • Social PR - attracting interviews, collaborations and social sharing

  • Visibility vulnerabilities - from imposter syndrome to saboteurs & insecurities

  • Online energy work - energising your content & cleansing your timelines

  • Digital wellbeing - navigating digital burnouts and disillusionment. 


I use a range of playful, creative and practical tools, from guided visualisations and meditations to card readings and poetry, alongside coaching exercises and a workbook, plus lots of time and space for sharing and questions.

"Really appreciate and love your heart-based approach to social media Katie, thank you so much. The idea of only putting loving intention into any content feels so much brighter."

Next Workshop is on 19th October (full moon lunar eclipse no less!) in Glastonbury 11am - 3pm. £100 (cash / PayPal / transfer) email me for more....

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