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About Katie


Meet Katie 'Kdot' Brockhurst: Your Go-To Guide for Soulful Social Media Magic.

Hey there, I'm Katie, but you might also know me as Kdot. With a career spanning over 20 years in the social media universe, I've worked with an eclectic mix—from pop icons to mystical mavens and even royalty. 


And this is no 'same old, same old' social media guidance. So, what makes me different? Glad you asked! I'm not just about likes and follows. I'm a certified Digital Wellbeing Coach on a mission to help you glow online, without the burnout or stress. Super curious about how social media is messing with our heads and hearts? Me too, and I'm on it!


For the past decade, I've been the wing-woman for spiritual teachers, wellness wizards, and authors who are ready to make their mark online. Your path, like the best algorithms, should be as unique as you are. That's my jam. 


You can dive into my world through my books in the 'Social Media For A New Age' series, tune into some podcasts, or simply vibe with me on social. 


Ready to blend a bit of magic on your timeline? Let's get started!


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Articles full of insights and inspiration, with poems, extracts from my research and new learnings - with each new & full moon...

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