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Unleash Your Strengths By Creating Meaningful Content Online - Dharma Life Podcast Interview

“I either quit this business or I go and learn how to manage stress” – Katie Brockhurst

This phenomenal podcast will give you an insight and direction in to following your highest excitement.

In this episode you will learn: • Invest in your own personal development through mentors and people who care about you and have your best interests at heart to help you create your own freedoms. • You have to be honest with yourself to help develop you confidence and to embrace your true flow. • Follow the path which develops organically for you by following your passion to allow your purpose to be unveiled for you. Follow your passions and allow your life and your work to evolve and flow constantly to find true enjoyment. • Understand it is a marathon and not a sprint. You have to understand the journey you need to go on and to enjoy that journey; you will then receive the goals. Rather than focusing just on the goals, you have to trust the journey will bring more rewards when you embrace it. • Keep embracing the changes within your industry to keep yourself relevant and to allow your audience to keep engaging with you. Be consistent in the way you deliver the message and allow those engaging with you to understand how to receive your information. You don’t have to be a slave to it – make it work for you and let others understand how you work. • Follow your own journey and embrace the changes and make them work for you so you can remain challenged, interested and engage with your own purpose.

You’ll leave this episode with the knowledge, passion, and purpose to understand you to get the best out of yourself you have to take the time to explore what truly inspires you and gives you happiness. When you follow this path you will find you are free of the barriers which were holding you back and find a sense of happiness and your true path.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

My guest and her incredible story of how she followed her passion and allowed her path to define itself by exploring what kept her interested and inspired to be able to create a happy, successful and fulfilled lifestyle and career.

From London, England with a solid background in broadcast, music and entertainment, working for Sony Music, BBC Radio DJ Dave Pearce and Wise Buddah Talent. Katie launched her own social media agency ’Kdot Online’ in 2007, when the social media industry was in its infancy, after winning a Gold Sony Radio Academy Award in the first ever Best Internet Programme (podcast) category . Kdot enjoyed a client roster that included corporate giants O2, Sony Music, Penguin Books & Harper Collins. However as Katie developed her business to match her own passions and life choices, in 2014 she wrapped up the agency and the demands of running an office, in order to go solo as a consultant in the MBS industry, where she had established a name for herself by building audiences for key Hay House authors.

Katie now delivers 121 consultancy, coaching and strategy for authors and experts all over the world online, and is writing her first book, Social Media For a New Age which will be out in the summer of 2018.

She is loved for her simple, positive, actionable strategies that play to people’s strengths and personalities, enabling them to find their passion for content creation in order to create meaningful community and results online.

Guests: Katie Brockhurst Hosted By: Kitty Waters


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