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How to Practise Social Media Self-Care - Interview with George Lizos

Do you need social media addiction help? In this interview with the author of Social Media For a New Age Katie Brockhurst, we'll dive into the practice of digital self-care for the purpose of avoiding and overcoming social media stress. It's a well-known fact that social media causes depression and anxiety, stress, loneliness, and other adverse effects. Taking care of our social media help is therefore important, to avoid social media comparison and other social media illness.

The gamification of social media has resulted in the creation of apps and platforms that encourage addiction, and as a result, so many of us don't have a healthy social media relationship. By implementing Katie's practices you'll learn how to create a healthy use of social media, and avoid adverse social media health effects. @georgelizos

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Unknown member
Sep 11, 2021

Good reading this post

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