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Embodied Enlightenment interview with Cari Merriam

For the longest time, I didn't want to show up on social media. I would find myself comparing to others, or numbingly scrolling for hours. Secret: I did this even on the toilet. I mean WTF? What a lot of us haven't realized is social media is a digital dimension that we are acting engaging in without really understanding the energetic dissidence its causing.

You couple all that with trying to navigate the social media world and stay in your feminine essence (goddess this is for you) in a push, masculine driven society... no wonder a lot of us feel burnout on social media.

In comes Katie Brockhurst to the rescue.

I am so excited about connecting with Katie in this podcast because she drops such wisdom on how to drop back into alignment, and show up on social media in a fun, playful, soft way.

YES, You don't have to push. You can use a spiritual approach of trust, faith, and authenticity in your social media strategy.

Begone 5 steps to mastering your Instagram. Katie teaches how to shift your energy so you can simply BE versus DO in this new, expanding digital dimension.


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