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Guilt Free Interview with Neela Prabhu

In this interview we get to talk about all things related to social media and guilt. We cover the role of social media in building a business and how to not feel pressured into using social media in certain ways, we delve into the guilt that can be used against us by social media advertising, we even talk about the role of truth and authenticity in a world of fake news. I think Katie's approach to social media needs to be shared far and wide and is for me a huge part of living guilt free.

Neela Prabhu is the owner of Homeopathic Harmony, and has had a remarkable journey through mental health challenges, family dynamics and forging her own path in the world. She is a true example of living guilt free and in this episode, she breaks it down into the steps she herself uses to keep making her own decisions and choices, and not reverting back to what others want her to do.


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