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Digital Well Being & Social Media Self Care interview with Clara Apollo for Chi Time Radio

We are all part of this growing digital 'social media new age' and are all being affected by just how much we are reliant on these both wonderful and worrying ways of communicating and connecting.

Katie Brockhurst has worked in this burgeoning arena for over 20 years, originally as a consultant for the Mind Body Spirit publishing Hay House.

She has written 2 books 'Social Media for the New Age' 1 & 2 and shares openly with us here on topics such as:

* distraction effect on intelligence

* separation v. connection bias

* the 'economy of distraction' persuasive technology

* how Katie manages her social media use

* 'act of rebellion' to step away from ones devices!

* wearable technologies, effective or confusing?

* de-bunking the term 'conspiracy theories'

* EMF effect on the nervous system and brain function

* deep thinking, reading, kindles v. on-screen reading

* child development and device access

* augmented reality, virtual reality, AI

* comm-unity neighbourhoods

* presencing self before composing posts or responses

We complete with an activation of the light of your essence to connect and commune with friends and family.


Playing a couple of supreme tracks from the late and very great Taoist Master-music producer Barefoot Doctor because we can..we explain why we do here.

His track 'Vagabond' from a collaboration with Leakster, is the new Chi Time theme tune.

Thanks Russell, who is on the next show,ing spill some Barefoot story beans and super mind changing tracks.


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