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Your guide to a new age of social media 🦄

A lot of my clients want to explore different platforms at the moment, as a way of future-proofing and feeling into something new for 2022. Facebook has said it will no longer be a social media company as they are transitioning to a metaverse company over the coming years, they are going all in on augmented and virtual reality.

As a result of this, some will be transitioning away from Meta-owned platforms because there is going to be a split. Those who embrace the metaverse and use VR/AR, going into what's an embodied internet, where we no longer are on it, but in it. And then there are those of us who want to hold onto some semblance of our analogue lives. That's where some of these other platforms can come in.

I am looking at social media platforms for 2022 and beyond that respect us and our digital wellbeing. Platforms that don't use addictive design, collecting our data to spin into gold as part of their surveillance capitalism business model. Companies that don't censor or shadow-ban their users free speech or opinion, that use fake fact checkers and propagate propaganda.

Predictions & Future Proofing

Change is a constant of that we can be sure,

the digital revolution wants us online more and more.

With data more valuable than gold these days,

Neural interfaces are on the way…

Facebook’s no longer just a digital town square,

Marks moved into our living room,

bringing a new Horizon on his way there.

Augmented and virtual realties,

Instead of walking outside amongst the trees.

If we can look up from our mobile for long enough to see,

We can create a world where we take responsibility.

Viewing our technology more mindfully,

Stopping before we connect every-thing we own to 5G.

Securing new rights to our data privacy,

And freeing ourselves from this digital primacy.

There are several platforms I want to share with you that I've been exploring energetically with my clients and in online classes, using a guided visualisation where my unicorn, Starlight picks us up in her spaceship and flies us down to visit digital earth. There we look around these different online spaces and places, looking for clues, insights from our higher selves and guides, where we let our intuition guide us around our content, attention, and energy; to assess where we might want to spend more time online or not, during this next cycle around the sun.

You might decide that, okay, I'm still standing in my Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter camp, but I want to be thinking about maybe starting to build a bridge to something, to create a digital home somewhere else, not in Meta or the metaverse. But where do I move to? And will it be overwhelming? Moving and starting somewhere new can be stressful, digitally as well as physically, but a change of space, or having a number of spaces to cultivate can be a blessing, refreshing and rewarding.

This conversation is also a lot about moving your connections, content and communications from big tech’s Town Square to your own digital Living Room. How do we encourage people to move with us from our Facebook and Instagram spaces over to somewhere like Mighty Networks, to an email subscription like Substack, to your email list or membership space?

A client recently lost both her Instagram and her Facebook accounts. She got hacked and Facebook just didn't care. She couldn't get hold of anyone in customer services, even though she has spent money with them as an advertiser and has built up tens of thousands of connections over a decade. Unless you are one of these massive organisations giving them millions and billions, they don't care. They don't give two hoots about you, or me or anyone else in-between.

And I personally don't want to be giving my work, my content, my time, my attention in the same way that I have been doing, for such a long time, to them anymore. They care way more about profit than people and that's capitalism, underpinned by surveillance capitalism, which is being used immorally. It’s another big reason I want to go live in and grow other online spaces this year. Everyone's reasons will be different.

Something we might all want to do when thinking about our digital wellness is to go and explore some other digital spaces and places, to see what they are like and how they feel.

In my Mighty Network, I’ve posted a video where I run through some of the platforms and apps that I've got my eye on alongside the guided visualisation with Starlight, so that you can do this for yourself if you want, and see if any of these resonate with your intuition as well.

I want you to play with the intention around your digital wellbeing and think about shifting your digital gaze. Actually looking closely at where you are spending your time online, alongside how the social media landscape is shifting over the next few years.

Exploring things through a lens of digital wellness as well as a digital, spiritual lens. If these can co-exist together, we can feel safer and more productive online, as we explore new possibilities of what it means to be digital human beings, not just exploring digital earth, but our digital reality.

If you would like to explore digital earth and our digital reality with me and Starlight, or get my download on different platforms, join me in Social Media For A New Age Space, which you can sign up for free, with a month’s membership on me.

Love, Katie

My latest poem...

‘Instagram and i : liberation and transformation.’

Instagram and I :

What is real and

What’s a lie?

Going meta

Doesn’t mean better,

Is it time to leave,

Or still try?


My heart

has this reply...


Tune in,

Take a breath.

Listen for what lies within.

For truth

for transmission,

for guidance to help you

with your mission.


On big tech,

We have all come to rely,

As I look at this now,

I let out a sigh…

Either that or I’ll cry.


Post five times a day,





Click this.

Watch this.

Buy this.

We want you here in a trance.

While we loot your data,

And monetise your rants.

Nudging you closer and closer,

to our political stance.


Surveilling you,

To change your behaviour.

To make dollar from forecasts,

To controlling what’s broadcast,

As we cover up facts

With our opinion,

then censor your ass.


So what do we do in this situation?

About our place of mass communication?

We’re a digital population.

A formation

of consciousness,

in a programmable space,

Of whole generations.


Take a breath.

Assess the location.


And depending on how you feel,

begin a migration.

Build a bridge.

Be a bridge.

Create a change

in direction.


To spaces where

we can safely

share information,

about our occupation.

Protecting our time,

gifts and energy,

as we emerge from this

stimulating simulation,

and begin our liberation.


We are the transformation.


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