Your guide to a new age of social media 🦄

A lot of my clients want to explore different platforms at the moment, as a way of future-proofing and feeling into something new for 2022. Facebook has said it will no longer be a social media company as they are transitioning to a metaverse company over the coming years, they are going all in on augmented and virtual reality.

As a result of this, some will be transitioning away from Meta-owned platforms because there is going to be a split. Those who embrace the metaverse and use VR/AR, going into what's an embodied internet, where we no longer are on it, but in it. And then there are those of us who want to hold onto some semblance of our analogue lives. That's where some of these other platforms can come in.

I am looking at social media platforms for 2022 and beyond that respect us and our digital wellbeing. Platforms that don't use addictive design, collecting our data to spin into gold as part of their surveillance capitalism business model. Companies that don't censor or shadow-ban their users free speech or opinion, that use fake fact checkers and propagate propaganda.

Predictions & Future Proofing

Change is a constant of that we can be sure,

the digital revolution wants us online more and more.

With data more valuable than gold these days,

Neural interfaces are on the way…

Facebook’s no longer just a digital town square,

Marks moved into our living room,

bringing a new Horizon on his way there.