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Where you are supposed to be...

And magical synchronicity.

A personal share from me for this months new moon-letter...

Have you ever found yourself in the right place at the right time? In a moment of destiny, where everything syncs into place, and you know you are where you’re supposed to be?

This happened to me very recently, and it has changed me…

In life, business, and social media too…

Last summer, I asked for a soul code tattoo – it holds visual and vibrational keys to support the embodiment of our higher aspects and destiny. These codes are channelled by my friend Kaja, an evolutionary artist whom I connected with online almost a decade ago, becoming friends and meeting in powerful grid points around the world.

I then got in touch with Reuben, a tattoo artist I’d met in Excalibur in Glastonbury a few years earlier. He’d overheard me sharing my birthday, and interjected with, ‘No way, I’m 7th March too!’ Birthday twin for the win! He happens to be the only person I know in the UK that does hand poke tattoo with bamboo, a technique that is a lot less painful and a lot more sacred.

It took a little while for me to get used to it too, this tattoo. I have others, but I needed time to integrate this one, and especially once I had 'fessed up to my mum (a big part of it), I sort of forgot about [the power of] it.

Then a wonderful lady called Kerry, whom I’d met when she came to my first ever workshop in Glastonbury – and who had subsequently hired me to deliver online workshops for Alchemy of Breath – emailed asking if I would be interested in managing the social media for The Common at Glastonbury Festival.

I gave up managing social media directly years ago in favour of consulting and coaching and have turned down a number of high-profile gigs over the last few years. Despite very seriously considering saying no, something was niggling at me to say yes. I kept putting off giving her my answer. Living in Glastonbury, the festival is a big part of the community and landscape. I knew I wanted to go and experience it, and not necessarily as a ‘ticket holder’. Plus, there was an interesting set of synchronicities that I simply could not ignore…

Around six years ago, I took part in a training programme where I made friends with another participant, Dan. We’d bonded over common ground as he was working for MTV doing social media at the time. He also managed the social media for, guess what, The Common at Glastonbury Festival. He approached me to be part of the team back in 2018, which I turned down.

The other big synchronicity was that one of my dearest friends, Natty, is the host MC for The Rumshack at Glastonbury, one of the stages –guess where – at The Common!

I decided to trust in these syncs and my gut, even though my head was freaking out about how much work it was going to be, how little sleep I was going to get and how much money I was being paid (festivals don’t pay well re time for money). Yet I had a feeling the experience was going to be priceless.

After agreeing to do it, a whole range of wobbles came up. I had no idea who any of the DJs/musicians were, who the team were (hello, remote working) and having been out of the music/events space for some time, I was feeling massively overwhelmed and very anxious about my decision!!

Then Kerry asked me if I would like to join her and some of The Common team on site; it was about 6 weeks before the festival. ‘How exciting!’ I thought and although I was nervous, I drove to Pilton and onto the site to meet them. There we did a ceremony where we buried crystals in the centre of what was to be the dance floor of the club, known as The Temple (!!), which is an amphitheatre overlooked by an alien godhead. Who, thanks to my friend Lisa, now reminds me of the goddess Hathor, the goddess of music and dancing and good vibes!

We gave offerings to the land and set intentions for the space, for those that would visit and for the energy ~ for the higher VIBES ~ to protect them and be taken with them into the wider world after the festivities as we opened up a portal.

This was a game changer for me; it was at that moment it all started to click. Yet still, there was still so much more to come…

Some highlights for you: I met a guy at breakfast on the first morning who had flown over from Ko Phangan in Thailand, a small island that I had lived on for a year myself. After asking whom we might have in common (loads of people and not just on KoP!) I mentioned my friend Omar, who had been on the island through lockdown. All but two or three hours later, there is a knock on the door of the port-a-cabin, also known as the media office, and lo and behold – it’s only Omar!! He was there as stage manager for The Rumshack!!!

Seriously, what are the chances of that?!

And it didn’t stop there.

When I walked into the venue, The Temple, seeing the alien godhead in person, it felt so familiar… I looked down at my arm and at my tattoo, and the similarities to the stage started to blow my mind.

And I realised I was home.

Home to myself and the life I have created.

Home to magic.

Home to the reason I’m here at this time on this planet.

This soul code channelled by my friend in Bali, connecting to this space in Glastonbury, to these people and my role here. This place which merges so many aspects of myself, in so many many ways: my spiritual self, my badass triple A, social media self and the raver that lives inside of me, old selves, current and future selves… It all came flooding back to me. My forgotten parts, bits of me I’d filed away or that I never thought would see the light of day! The Common encapsulating so many aspects of me, which I was totally unaware of, until I was right there in the moment living it. A soul retrieval had taken place in that space, and I could see that I was right where I was meant to be.

There was a lot more magic that happened in all the spaces in-between, far too much to mention. The festival itself is like entering another dimension. A world that exists outside of the norm, that fades away when you are here in this place of music and creativity, where the senses have so much to take in. When it was over and I was driving down the same familiar road back home, I knew I was not the same person who had set off a week earlier.

A new level of trust has deepened within me, a knowing that the things that are meant to be will not pass me by. The Universe had knocked on my door with this invitation to play, a few different ways until the moment was right.

Knowing now that things will happen in divine time and of their own accord, when you listen to that inner voice, when you trust the feelings inside. My confidence has increased, I feel more secure in my friendships and relationships, as well as in my work. I feel grounded and strong. I don’t feel a sense of lack around things I want that have not yet come to pass, because I feel that as long as I keep showing up for myself and trust how that feels, then I don’t need to worry, because the things that are meant for me are already weaving their way…

My reason for sharing this in this way is for inspiration. A true story that shows synchronicities happen and that life can be mystical and magical, much like my favourite unicorns! And there is science to back this up. Dr Joe Dispenza, author of Supernatural, shows us how the heart-brain resonance (aka your heart frequency) can be responsible for these synchronicities and how we create our future either at the frequency of love or by being stuck in patterns of fear. Can you imagine which either will create?

Trust in your own divine timing and love yourself like no tomorrow…

I saw a meme this morning that said, ‘Just because it’s taking time doesn’t mean it’s not happening.’ And that sums this up beautifully. You might not be able to see it but that next moment of destiny could be just around the next corner.

Trust in your magic.

Trust in your unique path and destiny.

Trust in your calling and learn how to listen and follow the threads of your unique truth. Then, you don’t need to rush, or worry or try to force things.

Settle into your heart space, allow the disappointments and supposed ‘failures’ to fuel you in your inner knowing, trust me, I’ve had a few!

Connecting to your intentions, your ideas and creations to trust in yourself even more deeply. Then allowing yourself to show up in your authenticity, at your own pace and at your own frequency as you share YOUR VIBES!


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