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The importance of Creating space for creativity - august newsletter

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

This month the enquiry is about creativity and how creating space for it in our lives can help us in multidimensional ways – it can help us with ideas for our businesses and for our content creation, it can also support us in having a healthier relationship to the screen and our overall brain health. AND it can connect us to spirit, to the divine, to the beings and spirits that speak to us through creativity. Creativity is available to all of us and supports the ground crew ushering in the New Age, Social Media For A New Age styleeee…

What I find interesting is that our creativity can be affected by social media – and not in a good way. Research has shown that over time, high device use impacts our ability to be creative and to do deep thinking or deep reading, so I see that it is even more important to create space to be, to dream, to imagine, to be with our creativity. For a double pisces like me, I need little encouragement to lay down under a tree, or in my hammock and daydream a while... You know... For the greater good of my health and humanity!

Take space Make time To relax To unwind. Allow the edges Of your mind To rewire To expand Being kind To yourself To the planet. The COLLECTIVE Is affected So get in the zone. Allow ideas CREATIVITY To flourish to grow. Support one another FLOW. Make a stand TOGETHER CREATING On the land Holding hands Hear us sing Hear us play Watch us love Watch us pray. Grounded And Strong Creating NEW WORLDS With artistry we contribute Wholeheartedly From our Souls. (a poem that came through while I was resting, relaxing and riffing on creativity)

To access your creativity, you ideally want to decrease the use of your executive attention - which is very stimulated by social media.... And increase the imagination network - which is stimulated by things like music, meditation, poetry, play and dancing etc. To enter “the flow state”, which is a great place for creativity to flourish. We do need to create space in our lives for this flow state. We can often get distracted by devices, clients, emails, friends, children, social media, screens, news, notifications….. All the things and don't make time and space for this flow state in our busy lives. If you don’t put time in the diary, make it a ritual, a practice, something you intentionally create space for, does it happen?

If you would like to join me for a zoom call about the Importance of Creating Space for Creativity with the Social Media For A New Age Club, we will be joined by artist and creator of Visual Medicine, Suzette Clough, as well other creative visionaries in the club, who will be sharing their thoughts and feelings about the importance of creativity in our lives.

It is on Wednesday 25th August at 4pm UK BST, 5pm CET, 8am PST, 11am EST - please message me to RSVP and receive an invite link.

I hope this newsletter has inspired you to create more space for creativity in your life... Wishing you a beautiful month of August, as we move through the other side of this Leo New moon and Lions Gate... I hope to connect with you somewhere - be it online, offline or the multi-dimensional spaces in-between. Love Katie x


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