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Strategy Workshop Glastonbury oct1st2021

A human-centric & holistic approach - taking you from frustrated and overwhelmed to enthusiastic and inspired.

About this event:

Together, we will cover…

  • The current social media landscape - and where it’s heading

  • Platforms & networks - the best places for your presence, time & energy

  • Content creation - creativity & planning + frequency & publishing

  • A personalised framework to flow within for online activity & consistency

  • Social PR - attracting interviews, collaborations and social sharing

  • Visibility vulnerabilities - from imposter syndrome to saboteurs & insecurities

  • Online energy work - energising your content & cleansing your environment

  • Digital wellbeing - navigating digital burnout and disillusionment.

Across two and a half hours we will work together using a range of playful, creative and practical tools, from guided visualisations to poetry, alongside coaching exercises and a printable workbook, plus time for sharing and questions.

I will help you to feel brighter about social media, guiding you to reclaim your social media sovereignty from big tech, to find joy in creating and sharing content, making & maintaining valuable connections, all within the beautiful boundaries you create around your time & energy in the digital dimension.

Simple strategies, that are authentic and true, passionate, real, in alignment with YOU Small group to allow for personal connection & support from me.

Currently 3 spaces left :)

Venue - White Rabbit ( above the shop), High Street, Glastonbury.

Price £55

To enquire and book - email me


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