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strategy of love

I have fallen out of love with many aspects of social media over the past few years and this has been tough for me at times. I talk about a strategy of love ffs!! But it has been for good reason and many of us have a complicated relationship with social media; from addictive design, dopamine and distractions to the pressure to keep up and on, alongside surveillance capitalism and the more recent censorship & division happening here.

Social media is so much more than we can ever really consciously see. It is a whole digital dimension, a digi-verse of it's own- and it can be a tricky place and space to be in love with at times or to want to spend time with for our businesses. I know it can feel tough for me personally and I know so many of you who feel all of this too.

As we move into September, into what feels like coming back online, coming back to work and with that the need to show up in these spaces, know that I am with you. I have been feeling into how best to show up here myself, how best to support the people I work with, how best to promote my work and services and have been looking closely at how I am and how I am not showing up on social media...

I will be using my strategies, boundaries & scheduling... Looking to love it all and all of you... The opportunity to connect, to spread awareness, to be love and light on the interwebs more than I have been... Because #alignment ...

Thinking more deeply about how energy flows and remembering how the power of love, intention and alignment around social media can make such a huge difference.

I find it is often easy to forget. I find this particularly useful when going into fear or frustration with social media, or when things do not feel like they are flowing.

And it can be as simple as the reminder that it is a real human being, a spirit, a soul, YOU, who is reading and receiving this.

How are you feeling about social media?


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