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Mercury Retrograde:1 Mark Zuckerberg:0

The Facebook inc blackout on Monday and our behaviour in the days following. The downtime/outage gave many of us, who use social media on the daily, the opportunity to notice the energetic hooks and unconscious presence Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have on our day to day lives.

Did you head over to Telegram or Twitter to find out what was going on? Did you even notice it had happened? How did it feel in your body?

It was interesting to see people share that they felt a mixture of excitement, relief and happiness during the time that it was off and that there was a sense of disappointment when they came back online.

I personally felt a noticeable sense of peace and calm in my body. I am not sure if this was related to my own habits around their apps, or if I was tuning into the energy of the collective - but I definitely enjoyed it.

Someone said how good it would be if social media switched off every day for a few hours and I love that idea. I have often thought how great it would be for us if social media closed, the same way shops do, at the end of the day.

However as the down time cost FB something like $100 million per hour and wiped billions off Zuck's net worth, I am not sure they would choose to do it again on purpose.

There are a lot of rumours doing the rounds about what really happened, especially with the 'Facebook whistleblower' doing the rounds this week on 60 mins which I will speak to soon, which is also being called into question. We simply don't trust anything we see online or in the media anymore - welcome to shattered reality as @theleokingdom has been shouting about.


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