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Getting distracted By social media?

It is a constant call to mastery.

I’m not even talking about getting distracted by doom-laden scroll holes or obsessively checking for notifications here, either. Although that is a massive problem for many of us, and one of many constant calls to mastery that social media asks of us. Yet, I see another saboteur at play ~ the kind of distraction that is taking people away from the things they are really good at and away from themselves.

“At your birth a seed is planted. That seed is your uniqueness. It wants to grow, transform itself, and flower to its full potential. It has a natural, assertive energy to it. Your Life's Task is to bring that seed to flower, to express your uniqueness through your work. You have a destiny to fulfil. The stronger you feel and maintain it--as a force, a voice or in whatever form-- the greater your chance of fulfilling this Life's Task and achieving mastery.” Robert Greene, Mastery

When I think about my clients and community, they are mostly healers: spiritual artists, coaches, authors, teachers, practitioners ~ they made choices to follow a path that make them masters in their respective fields. But unless they have a team to support them or they have a decent strategy in place, for both their content and their digital wellbeing, they can sometimes end up spending more time, effort and energy trying to follow content trends on social media than on their soul work.

Does this feel familiar? With the rise of Reels and a tidal wave of TikTok's ~ social media can take us away from being in the mastery of our true gifts, our medicine, or of our true selves.

Last week I wrote the following note to myself…

“People are getting distracted from what they are good at, what they are masters of, by social media. How can I help them?”

Social media is my soul work, my dharma and my personal journey with social media and in helping others with it, is a constant form of research and insight. But for many, unless your calling is to be a creator on social media, a TikTok star or an Insta influencer, then social media is actually a means of marketing, a place of attraction and connection, a space for sharing your mission, your business, your service. It is not actually your business, your gift or your gift to the world. And although it is an important part of the business, a space and place for you to communicate or share about those things… Is trying to keep up with social media trends taking you away from the work you really want to do in the world?

Can you feel this as a call to mastery? Everywhere and in every way, eh!

“Sara Quin of Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara says she derives ‘0% pleasure’ from the Google Doc containing the band’s social media calendar: ‘Myspace or Facebook posts used to be an add-on but now it feels like making music is about making assets for social media.’” ‘Making music is about making assets for social media’: pop stars battle digital burnout.

You see, this distraction by social media is really not our fault. Take the music industry, for example, where I was working in the 2000’s. I started using MySpace and podcasts to raise the profile of DJs I was managing, to help them get them gigs, which was when social media was in its infancy. Fast forward almost twenty years and into the publishing and wellbeing industry, in which I now reside, and publishers want tens of thousands of followers before they will consider you.

This hurts my heart for many who are masters of their respective fields, who have answered their calling, but are not masters of memes or marketing. The healers, the writers, artists, coaches and teachers, who often want to spend their time being in their mastery- rather than being on or in the internet. Those for whom a metaverse already exists through their third eye, no need for AI. And especially for those who were not born with a device in their diapers, who remember a simpler time when social and digital media and mediums did not exist as they do now.

With every new layer of social media and digital communication that arrives, and that will arrive, after these wild two years on planet earth, we have become more and more digitally dependent, with more to learn, to create, to produce and share.

This is taking people away from their mastery.

I am not saying we shouldn’t try and learn new things, or find ways to work with the amazing tool it is. Because we absolutely should. It is an amazing amazing and magical thing to have something that allows us to connect through time and space, to upload and encode our energy into something that can reach other people while we sleep. That we can be creative and share our voices, teach, connect, share our art, our medicine and our being-ness with one another in this unlimited and unbounded way online. We can work together to use it in a positive way…

BUT. There is a huge but. And that but is Big Tech. They have entrained and enslaved us into their system, they have entrapped our attention with variable rewards and dopamine hits, as just a few to mention. They have created an algorithm that works for them and not for us. I say this repeatedly: We need to take our power back. How do we do that?

My favourite way, as many of you will know, is through creating a Strategy of Love for your social media, a holistic approach which takes into account your overall wellbeing, resources, needs and abilities.

It is the beautiful boundaries and systems, strategies and frameworks that support you in showing up and sharing yourself, your soul work, your medicine and your memes with others in ways that feel good to you. However fast or slow you wanna go.

It is the platforms that you choose,

For your Living Room or Town Square.

It is having a framework to flow within,

and the frequency at which you share.

It is the balancing and the managing

Of your precious knowledge and time.

It is where you choose to dedicate,

Your beautiful energy online.

It is the intention and the love

that you put into content creation.

It is staying true to your path,

To your mastery and your vocation.

It is staying consistent,

With the stories that you share.

It is the love you have for your connections,

It is how you show them that you care.

Social media is a constant call to mastery.

If you would like my support, helping you to manage your energy, time, attention and social media activities in a way that means you can focus more on doing and being all that you are… A master of your universe, rather than a She-Ra of Reels or a He-Man of Instagram, get in touch.

“If you allow yourself to learn who you really are by paying attention to that voice and force within you, then you can become what you were fated to become — an individual, a Master.” Robert Greene, Mastery


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