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Content, communication and quantum connection

A meditation to guide you to the right frequencies :)

Taking a deep breath And grounding yourself down into the earth with your grounding cord, send it down and connect to a Rose quartz, crystal down, down, down inside the earth and then back up in to your body, come up, up, up through your different chakras and up through each of them, moving up through the heart, up, up through the crown and connect to your highest self and take another deep breath Then reside in your heart space and tune into the frequency that you want to be in when you're creating content for your social media channels…

What does it feel like for you?

Take another deep breath, just be with this thought.

If you're about to write a post for social, are you doing it when you're feeling overwhelmed?

Are you doing it when you're on the fly or are you being conscious about the space that you're creating to either write or record or create for your channels?

Take another breath and just be with that inquiry for a moment.

What is it that you could do more of to be in the frequency that your soul wishes to be in, as it's connecting to people through the digital ether?

Where could you go to create that sense of flow so that everything that you make and create shares your light, shares your glow?

What is it that you're wanting to call in from creating this content from having this communication?

Who is it that you want to connect to in the quantum field?

Can you see them?

Take another breath

Just see if you can see the people that you want to work with, People that you want to support and people that you want to be in service to ...

How many of them are there and in what ways do you want to be in service to them?

Can you call them in to your field, your energetic field, your quantum field, into the quantum field when you're creating your content?

Why is it that you want the content to speak to them?

How is it that you want it to help them? And why?

What Is it that you want them to receive?

Or what is it that you wish to receive?

Take another breath.

Have a moment. Now, just with the sounds of the ocean in the background,

See what your highest self might have to tell you about your content creation.

About ways that you can communicate consistently...

How you can move through any feelings of overwhelm or fears that you might have about sharing the content that you create with others.

Where are the spaces and the places for you to show up?

Where is it that you want to meet the commitment?

And how can you make that commitment?

Have this moment now.

I wonder if there are any guides, any of your guides that are around around you now in this moment, as you're listening to this that have some information for you as well, they want you to do and be, and achieve all that you wish. They don't want you to be wasting time spent on social media... That's not serving you or that's not serving each other and our communities - They definitely want you to get away from any addictive design or scrolling that might be in the way.

So ask them to come forward.

Now, see if there is there anyone around you has a message for you.

Take another breath.

And say, thank you to your highest self, to your guides, to this moment, to this inquiry that will support you moving forward in all that you do. And in all that you create, Thank you to mama sea as well, and the ocean and the sand and Gaia for supporting us through this too.

So I want you to take your grounding cord that is deep around, wrapped around that Rose quartz, and really gently, bring it back up, tend to yourself, and any connection to the higher realms you wish to bring back down and ground.

So now as well, Just have a moment here in the heart space.

It's always so yummy in the heart space.

And then whenever you're ready, start to wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, gently, open your eyes whenever you're ready.

Come back and be back here with me. Now.

I hope that was useful, that you got some great information. If anything is still with you. I would get a notebook and just write it down and then it's there for future use.

Wishing you so much love.


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