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Known to my clients as their Social Media Angel, I have been working in social media since the MySpace days. My highlights include winning a Gold Sony Radio Academy Award for the first ever ‘Best Internet Programme Award’, setting up social media agency Kdot in 2007 and growing a small London-based team to help a range of clients from pop-stars to publishers, at a time when social media was still in its infancy. 


An interest and need for de-stressing took on me retreat to Italy in 2011 with John Parkin and his wife Gaia, authors of F**k It; The Ultimate Spiritual Way... This ultimately led me to Hay House UK, where they saw my talent for social media trends and ideas, hiring me to help them build their digital presence and manage their platforms. Thanks to them, I’ve worked with some bestselling authors and experts in the field of wellbeing, mind, body and spirit. 

Moving away from agency life and going solo as a consultant in 2014, I continued to manage platforms for Hay House authors, coaching 1-2-1 and beginning to deliver workshops and talks. I published my first book in 2018, a self published hybrid deal with That Guys House, wanting to move quickly due to the fast paced nature of social media. Social Media For A New Age went on to be shortlisted as a finalist in the UK’s Business Book Awards in Self Development; it also won a Janey Loves Platinum Award and made the finals, being highly commended in the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards, and it has received lots of lovely 5* reviews on Amazon. 

The media are showing some interest, with recent features in a number of different publications including Thrive Global, Health and Fitness and Soul & Spirit magazines and I have Digital Wellbeing series on Wellbeing Radio which you can listen to here. 

I’m now moving into social media and marketing ethics, how we use it more carefully and effectively, without burnout. I’m focused on supporting people with their digital self-care, within business and the different ways we use social media. If you would like to find out more about that, please read my manifesto. 

I would love to hear from you. 

Here are some of the best ways to get in touch directly: 

Connect, comment, DM or email me.

Instagram @katiekdot_socialmediangel


If you are interested in working with me as a coach/consultant on using social media in a New Age way, and would like to find out more about working one to one, or having me speak with your team or organisation, please get in touch or visit my sessions and services page 

I am always interested in being interviewed on podcasts, live chats and pre-records for channels and membership sites; message me if you would like to propose something. 

If you would like to collaborate by having me at speak at one of your events, workshops or retreats to talk and share about Social Media For A New Age, I am open to invites and offers. 

We say we want to be the change we want to see in the world, and I believe that each of us has the capacity to effect positive change for ourselves, for each other and for the planet by using social media in a more conscious and effective way.

One of my clients and Instagram family @lucyannechard, shared on Instagram recently:

“For soul-led, heart-centred guidance on anything social media related follow @katiekdot_ socialmediaangel. This fabulous woman helped me totally rebuild my relationship with social media and trust my inner wisdom when it comes to sharing my voice online”.

Social Media for a New Age labels success as creating a platform you enjoy, a community that you cultivate and interact with lovingly, having a creative outlet, a practice that supports you in many different ways... It really is THE place right now to connect you, your business and your mission with others globally, at the tap of a button.

What I share with you is to help you remain true to yourself and to your dreams, to enjoy using social media as a tool and creative practice that supports you in making those dreams happen and/or come into fruition.

Simple strategies that are authentic and true, Passionate, real, in alignment with YOU.


Tune into yourself to remember...

We can use social media to ignite our dreamson many different levels.
By sharing our gifts and inspiring others.
By serving and supporting each other, ourselves and the planet.

In co-creating new paradigms. In bridging dimensions.

When we show up from that place... Magic happens.

Love Kdot x 



Started online in 1999 creating a social network, Leeds Graduate, whilst at University.
Worked as Talent manager until 2007 for radio and TV presenters.
Set up social media agency Kdot in 2007 working on content, campaigns and platforms  for 02, Sony Music, Harper Collins, British Council and Hay House UK to name a few.  
Consultant since 2014 for authors and experts in spirituality and wellness.
Author of Social Media For A New Age 1 and 2. 
Digital Wellbeing Presenter for Wellbeing Radio since 2020.


Graduated in 2020 as a Conciously Digital Coach  digital wellness coach training program and digital wellbeing Diploma.
Internet Marketing Diploma - School Of Internet Marketing
Digital Wellbeing Course - University of York
Social Media Ethics Mooc- 
University of Sydney
History BA Hons - Leeds University


Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for Best 
Internet Program 2007
Winner of the Platinum Award for Best Self Development Book 2018.
Finalist Business Book Awards in Self Development 2019
Finalist Wishing Shelf Awards in Non-fiction 2019
Read Ribbon award Wishing Shelf awards non-fiction 2020 (book 2)

This is a great place to add a tagline.

“If you’re a conscious human who uses social media in any way, you NEED Kdot.”— Lisa Lister, author of Witch

“It is so important that within the noise of social media, we have the authentic voice of Katie Brockhurst to guide and advise us.” — Lynne Franks OBE

“Prepare for success as Katie my Social Media Angel shares her wisdom.”— Diana Cooper, author of Archangel Guide to Ascension

“A practical and soulful guide to finding real connection online.” — Mel Wells, author of The Goddess Revolution