Hello. I’m Kdot, a social media consultant, author and pioneer on a mission to help you navigate your digital life with a strategy of self-care.

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Katie aka kdot
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Dr Phil Parker phd

Acclaimed personal development lecturer, therapist & innovator

Katie is an acknowledged social media expert; in her readable and practical books she explores her mixed feelings about the impact and future of social media, the pressures to post and look good, how to survive, thrive and create an audience whilst remaining authentic. A great read for anyone wrestling with how to ethically build a social media presence.

Nicola Humber

Author & Founder of The Unbound Press

As we move into the 2020’s Katie's books are a must-read for all conscious business-owners who are using social media. Katie gives such a powerful overview of what’s an ultra-fast-moving landscape, as well as ideas about how to navigate this shape-shifting online world and look after ourselves at the same time. I feel uplifted and hopeful that the ways we use and engage with social media can create real change and bring a completely new energy to the way we connect online. Thank you SO much Katie for stepping forward to light the way!

Pete Lawrence

Founder of Campfire Convention & The Big Chill

Katie Brockhurst shows real insight in calling out the toxic dark forces of social media - surveillance capitalism dressed up as a rat race for likes, clicks and sales. We need to urgently and radically transform the way we approach social media and the effect it has on our wellbeing and her books are a manifesto for positive change.


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