Hello. I’m Kdot.


social media consultant,

digital wellbeing coach and author.



Spiritual & service-led

social media strategies

with digital wellbeing support for coaches, healers & teachers

feeling overwhelmed online.






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It was so inspiring
It was so inspiring

I now keep it by my computer.

This is a breath of fresh air.
This is a breath of fresh air.


It was so inspiring
It was so inspiring

I now keep it by my computer.

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 the social media for a new age club

A club for coaches, healers and teachers, where I hold space for our relationship to social media. 

Learn how to manage the

social media vortex of doom 

with two monthly zoom calls.


A space to gather with like-hearted souls where we discuss, learn and practice spiritual social media, and digital wellbeing, together. 

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Dr Phil Parker phd

Acclaimed personal development lecturer, therapist, innovator & author

Katie is an acknowledged social media expert; I recommend for anyone wrestling with how to ethically build a social media presence.


Nicola Humber

Author & Founder of The Unbound Press

Katie gives such a powerful overview of what’s an ultra-fast-moving landscape, as well as ideas about how to navigate this shape-shifting online world and look after ourselves at the same time.


Claudia Sphar

Founder Holy Mama & Author

Katie makes everything sound so simple. In just one session she gave me the confidence and know-how. I will definitely be going back to her for more support and recommending her to my colleagues.