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Return to Embodiment - July newsletter

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Katie can’t come to the screen right now, she’s busy living her embodied life, but if you leave a message after the beep, she’ll get back to you as soon as she can! BEEEEEEEP!

There is a call…

A call to return,

To return to our embodiment,

To our to physical environment,

To be fully present.

There is a call…

A call to return,

To return to life offline,

To rebalance and align,

To streamline our screen time.

There is a call…

A call to return,

To return our time and attention,

To be clear with our values and intention,

To better navigate this digital dimension.

There is a call…

A call to return,

To return to solid ground,

Our head out of the cloud,

To be free and unbound.

There is a call…

A call to return,

Do you answer the call?

How are you feeling?

I’ve not been feeling like being on social media much recently and I know I’m not alone in this. And yet I’ve found myself almost feeling guilty over not posting. For wanting to spend my time living my embodied life, after months (well, over a year really) spent mostly connecting in the digital space.

And many others seem to be feeling the same way…

What I have been hearing from friends, colleagues and clients is that the sheer speed at which things have got busy in our lives again – how difficult that has then felt balancing the physical contact with the digital…

I am here in the enquiry and on the journey with you.

As Lorna Bevan says about this Cancer New Moon…

“ Remind yourself that your body tells the truth and is the vector for your enlightenment.”

So there is a desire, a feeling in our bodies, that we want to be online less and away from the screens, yet still use this magnificent tool of digital connectivity to reach people with our work, our ideas, to find soul family and soul clients… Yet as we continue to develop our – now more than ever – digitised and online businesses – do we have the balance right?

As we come out of lockdown, honouring the impact this particular, and rather unique, return to embodiment is having on our relationship to technology, it is also naming a feeling, a desire that has been bubbling up in so many of us, for some time, regarding our relationship to big tech and to screen time….

Are you living in your truth of what really feels good / healthy around your relationship to technology?

There is a bridge

Between worlds

We hold it in our hands

We use it to connect

To many hearts and lands.

But we forgot

We got lost

In a sea of information

Hooked and caught up

In digital migration,

We became a cyber nation,

A data plantation.

It is time now

to take back control

To rebalance

What’s important

To your heart and soul.

To use that bridge

held in your hand

With both feet firmly planted

Here on the land.

A return to your intention

A return of your attention.

For it is yours to control,

It is yours to command.

Coming together this past month has many of us feeling excited, yet we are also feeling tired. We have all changed. And our relationship to this technology and how we can use it is changing too.

That is part of the enquiry with the Social Media For A New Age Club this month, how do we reclaim our social media sovereignty and use it in a way that works for us?

Rachel Smithbone shared with me recently that she'd always had a poor opinion of social media, that if she didn't need it for her business, there's no way she'd be on there. She felt it was low vibe, that it encourages comparison with negative bias, that it's not real – but that all changed for her after meeting up with women she met on social media, at Sarah Lloyds recent Connecting the Dots retreat.

“The journey from online soul sisters to in-person hugs has made me completely rethink my attitude to social media. No longer will I approach it with disdain and resentment. From now on, I'm a pioneer claiming this space to spread love and positivity for all that I encounter.”

It is now time to gather,

to share physical space,

After meeting one another,

in a mostly digital place.

We recognise each other,

from across time and space,

We see how bright our souls shine,

from one another’s face.

Scattering cyber seeds of connection,

we get ready to sow,

Embodied, circling together,

is where our roots really grow.

Our roots they weave between us,

like wise old chatty trees,

Our light pollenates each other,

like big fat bumble bees.

Connecting online to soul family,

to friends far and wide,

Makes seeing each other IRL,

A magical joyride.

We’re going to navigate this and discuss how social media is feeling for you in this now moment, in my Club this month. If you’d like to join us for our Zoom call as my guest, please reply via email and I’ll send you a link.

The call is on Wednesday 28 July at 4pm GMT, hope to see you there.

Love Katie


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