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As I struggle to be at peace with Facebook, Because I cannot shake the feeling that Zuck is a crook. It’s been more difficult for me to see the positive side, I forget how amazing it is we can communicate world wide. The internet, our cyber space, Where we can connect heart to heart, with love and grace. It is up to us to be the change we want to see on this planet, One by one, together, letting the unfoldment be organic. Using technology to support us naturally, Not letting it become a global tragedy. We need to invest in our digital wellbeing, Reduce distractions, the addictions and all the bad that we’re seeing. Booming the web up with our loving energetic light,

using it consciously, a place where we treat each other right. Creating Social Media For A New Age, Where we are not prisoners of Facebook’s gilded cage, Instead we are the leaders, sacred and true, With social media a tool, that connects me and you.


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