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Wellbeing Radio series

Episode 1: What is Digital wellbeing: an introduction to the series, topic and to  me your host, Katie Brockhurst - the social media angel. 

Episode 2: Addictive by Design - In this episode, I share some the tricks and techniques used by the major social media networks to keep us scrolling and some of the ways we can get our time and attention back, with simple solutions to reduce your device time.

Episode 3: In this episode, I share why I deleted Facebook off my phone this week, why we need to be careful with content and confrontation on the platform, why it is feeling polarised at this time. Plus I share how some of you are feeling, alongside some of the ways we can navigate stepping back from this integral platform as an act of self-care.

Episode 4: The good side to social media: in this episode, we explore some of the ways social media can be used as a tool for good and how we can feel good using it.

Episode 5: In this episode, Katie talks about social media activism and the impact of the Black Live Matter movement is having on social media and how these big topics and conversations online are affecting us, how we can support others and protect ourselves too while we navigate the great awakening of 2020.

Episode 6: In this episode, I talk about the concept of the Town Square and the Living Room and how we navigate these digital spaces and rooms, especially in a time where we are living online more and more with our work and social lives - how to notice the difference and how to manage our energy, awareness and wellbeing.

Episode 7: Is social media making you feel overwhelmed? I’ve been hearing from lots of people how overwhelming they are finding social media at the moment, so I break it down why we might be feeling overwhelmed and some of the things we can do to manage our overwhelm so we can still show up and share online.

Episode 8: How to connect more with your community on social media… Comm-unity = communication that unites us… is based around the social mechanism of linking - however, social media is mostly built upon the social mechanism of ranking, which is about social status, achievement, comparison and competition…(and creates dopamine in the body) ring any bells? ( Facebook / Instagram et al.) In this episode I share some ways that you can connect and link with your social media network, which will ultimately create connection, deepen relationships and reduce stress and anxiety over time (plus creates oxytocin in the body.) Want to feel good on social media? This episode is for you!

Episode 9: Stop wasting time on social media, in this episode I touch on a few of the reasons we waste so much time on social media and some of the ways you can save time by becoming aware of your habits, understanding how the apps are designed to steal your time and attention and a few practical ways to implement change, depending on how and why you use it.

Episode 10: Did you know that emotions are contagious? It is proven to be true physically and now studies show that it happens through social networks too. Are you unconsciously catching other people's fear, anxiety and stress through social media? Or are you spreading it? In this episode I share some insight and ideas on how to handle this.

Episode 11: This week I am in conversation with Sarah lloyd, fellow Wellbeing Radio presenter, PR expert and author of Connecting The Dots; We chat about feeling blocked when sharing content online or being seen in the media, how to find your authentic voice and freedom of speech. We also discuss boundaries and managing wellbeing when running a busy business, family and ways to navigate social media whilst keeping your sanity.

Episode 12: This week I explore the impact data and privacy online is having on our wellbeing - whether its surveillance capitalism and predictive ads or content created to change our behaviour - data is the new gold and with AI developing and being adopted by companies across the board - our awareness of how our data is being used is important because it can impact our wellbeing individually and collectively.

Episode 13: I chat to award winning intuitive and someone I consider a visionary and pioneer, Kimberly Jones. We talk managing energy on social media and when to notice you are in the "psychic soup", the energy behind the platforms themselves and what's happening with our data and how that impact us on a energetic level. Learn more about kimberley at

Episode 14: Giving up the smart phone! I'm joined by Richard Lalchan, Richard is a clarity coach who I met on my Digital Wellbeing training. He is giving up his iPhone for something more analogue and I wanted him to share his why's and his process with you, could you imagine life without your smart phone? Richard also tells us some of his favourite takeaways and tips for being consciously digital. Richard is not on social media, so you can connect with him at

Episode 15: Your digital avatar and your energy - this week I am joined by Henrietta Gothe-Ellis founder of Sacred Leadership and world renowned energy expert and grid worker, to discuss our digital avatar and what that means for our energy. She shares some powerful ways to call your energy and attention back into your body, and out of the internet as a way of managing your social media self-care. Find out more and connect with Henrietta at 

Episode 16: Social media sabbaticals with Rev Gail Love Schock, interfaith minister and consciousness hacker, who, with a popular and ever growing instagram following, has left the platform for 3 months to focus on people and projects in other ways online. She shares her journey with us and some tips and tools that will soothe your nervous system just listening to her speak. Find Gail online and connect with her

Episode 17: How to protect your energy online with guest George Lizos, bestselling author of 'Lightworkers Gotta Work', - George shares his experience with social media and how to view it as a space where we can manage our energy. He shares some tools on what to do to protect your space through intention, by creating digital amulets and using guided visualisations to disperse or attract energy around your online spaces. A wonderful episode, especially for anyone who feels their energy change being online. To find out more about psychic protection or to get in touch with George visit

Episode 18: This week we are talking Scroll Free September and how you can take part, plus some ideas I came up with and have been trying alongside the suggestions by the Royal Society for Health. Are you taking part?

Episode 19: The Social Dilemma documentary is currently top 10 across the globe on Netflix and has brought the topic of digital wellbeing to the forefront - in this episode, I cover some of the key topics from the documentary and discuss some of the solutions we could consider.

Episode 20: Do you need a Digital Detox? In this episode I run you through some questions to see where you digital use currently is alongside a plan on how to have a digital detox without completely ditching your device, which is pretty much impossible in this day and age. How to create a healthy balance and reduce the time you spend with your phone.

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